What are cothes and shoes that are fresh to me you ask well i can tell you the anwser to that it’s H&M clothes and Jordan shoes. I think that they are real fresh and stylish to wear. These are my favorite shoes and clothes to wear.

Jordans are my favorite shoes to wear becuase they come in different styles that i like and that i can choose from. I can also wear the style to match  my clothes and everyone knows that i like to match. I also think that Jordans are fresh because they came from a famous basketball player named Micheal Jordan. It’s really cool to have shoes founded by a famous basketball player. I think that Jordans are so cool to wear especailly when they came from a basketball player with style.

H&M clothes are fresh to me because they are fist cute and to me they have swwag even though they are for wearing . They even make you look cool and fresh like you have swag. You can also get many different styles of clothing from h&m. I will always shop there and will never stop. This is why i think h&m clothes and jordan shoes are fresh.


Watch The Throne

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If I had an opprotunity to spend the weekend with a celebrity it would be JayZ and Kanye West. I would spend the weekend with jay and yezzy because they can rap and there lyrics are on point. If I was with them both we would be on tour and I can travel everywhere with my two favorite rappers. After the tour we would go to the mall and spend millions of dollars on shoes. When we go to the mall we will take some pictures. So I could put them on facebook and I’ll have proof that I was with them. I will tag all my friends that I know on the picture and name it watch the throne.
JayZ is a professional when it comes to making good music. So the next place we will go is the studio. So we can make a song togather about money and more money. Then I’ll ask jayz can I meet Beyonce so we can go baby shopping for her not me. Kanye is my man so we could just rideout and listen to otis and other songs. I would be elated to meet both of them because they are outstanding performers and writers. We all are good writers also.
Now that you see who I would spend the weekend with? I hope you understand were I’m coming from. If I get this chance it will be the best event of my life. I hope you like my blog. Comment and tell me what you think about it. I love Jay and Yezzy just to put that out there. Thank You.

Im Going Let My Heart Explain

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Someone I consider as a role model is
Ms.Hassell. I consider her as a role model because she teaches you to push harder not to get caught up in unessecry drama. She me feel happy when I’m down and she makes technology more entertaining than I thought it was. When Ms.Hassell teaches she makes me think about making technology a job choice when I get older. Even though I make Ms. Hassell upset and irritated sometimes, she still keeps faith in me and she knows I can do better. She calls it “tough love” and I respect her sincerty. Ms.Hassell is caring and lovable role model.
If you were to ask me why I think Ms.Hassell is a role model I’ll say one word “intelligence”. Yeah, she’s that smart. Her vocabulary is outrageous and her teaching skills are the best. As a teacher she is a motivator and a sucessful person. She has a great job and her personality is uniqe. She is a creative and artistic because when she creates visual work there’s always a piece of artwork that you can tell she really thought about it.
Now that you heard who my role model is. Who is your role model? What character traits makes them a role model? Some traits could be careing, intellegince, and other great things. Ms.Hassell is uniqe, intellgent, optimistic and pretty. I love Ms.Hassell and she knows it. So shoutouts to Ms.Hassell for making this blog possible to create. She’s a wonderful and a outstanding role model.

Rap:Jass Is A Real Mc!

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I got a dream So I’m going to achieve when you see me on stage with jayz then believe it. No I’m not a follower but, yes I’m a leader my lyrics So hot and I think I got a fever. Jass is the best gohead and admit it I only got one life so yes imma live it.got my crew with me imma just name a few kiara, liliana and pearia what it do.yeah, my swag on a million papperazzi follow me In and out the buildings. Like jasmine what you think about your haterz I just smile and don’t you mean motivators. All I keep saying is mpcs cus believe it or not but we are the best. Shoutout to ms. Hassell my. Fav teacher she help set my goals so now I’m going reach them.I love my classmates we the 7th grade girls we are getting the job done so we on top of the world!

#Did it For My Bloggers.


My Beneficial Achievement

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In life I wish to help people make their lives recovering and enhanced. I want to be able to help others because everyone deserves to live a superb life. As a caring person, I want to help others accomplish goals that they doubt they can achieve.  My life is not perfect, but I do just enough to make my life easier and fun. So far as a child, teachers and family members have taught me to be insistent towards others and to be profitable.


The mistake that I made was something that I had lots of remorse towards. My mistake took place at school , which is a very lousy place to make a mistake. Everyone asks me the same question. What were you thinking? Its’ understandable but, at the same time I want to say mind your own business. It makes me feel bad but, I knew what  I did was wrong so I left the situation along. The story I am about to tell is thoughtful. It can make you think why, when and who but, trust me I will answer all of the imperative questions that you’re thinking. As you read be sure to not make a mistake that I did. Simply, because the consequences were pretty ludicrous but, I learned from them. So, keep reading and be sure to learn from my mistake.
One day in school I was in the cafeteria. There was another student who didn’t speak any english. After I was done eating I was getting up to dump my tray and the student was there. So, the student got mad and said something. I accidentally bumped into her. She was distraught because the action occurred. Little did I know she didn’t understand English. I felt kind of mad but I got over it. So I said what? Of course I was wrong.

I felt misunderstood. Anyways I decided to put my feet in her shoes. So I could get a glimpse of how she felt as well. At the end I ended up apologizing for my disruptive and rude actions. I had to see how she felt because she was from a different country. I told I was sorry and she understood me. From this point on she trust me. I also trust her. So from this point on I will never  make that mistake again.